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We will bring the wonders of regional cuisine from around the world into your home. Our personal Chefs will masterfully create food and flavors to excite the senses and stimulate the appetite, blending talent with passion. Imagination is the art of cooking that touches everyone and the key to any gathering is enjoyment. Our chefs are personally committed to you, our guest, and the enjoyment of your dining experience.
Our chefs will create inspiring menus specifically to your tastes. Whether it is a cozy special occasion or a major sporting event we will provide you with a one of a kind experience. Our chefs are passionate about their food and know that fine food is to be shared, savored and remembered. When planning your next event allow Our Chefs to use their skills and resources to assist in preparing a feast that will excite the senses and make you the toast of the town.
American, Asian, Italian, Latin, Mediterranean, Vegan
Chef Dennis
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Fat Tuesday Dinner

Fat Tuesday Dinner

$ 86.25 /guest    2 and more
What would you like?

What would you like?

$ To discuss    4 and more

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