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Private Chef Rosana Drake, CO, United States

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Personal Chef # 43005

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Being born in Paraguay definitely defines my culinary style a lot, but thanks to my travels and experiences I can satisfy most palates. My specialities are mostly from Paraguay, Argentina,Brazil ,Mexico, Caribbean, Italy, Spain but I'm totally open to new flavours and experiences. Obsessed by choosing the best seasonal ingredients, most of them coming from local farmers, or small producers. My cooking style in 3 words: fresh, flavorful, comforting.
Proven leader in the organization and management of successful business operations. Demonstrated excellence in the planning, expert with 20 years of diversified experience in the restaurants industry . Creative problem solver with a focus on exceptional customer service, resulting in repeat clientele.
American, Caribbean, Europe, Italian, Latin, Mexican
Chef Rosana
Rosana Ossteria

Rosana Ossteria

$ 159.30 /guest    2 and more
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What would you like?

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