Private Chef Alberto Ericeira, LISBON, Portugal

Personal Chef # 33246

Cooking style
I'm from Italy so a touch of Mediterranean flavor will always be present in my dishes, i like to play with spices in fact Indian food is a playground that keep me interested day by day. The perfection of Thai cuisine is hard to get but is one of the most fun part of cooking. If you like taste we can avoid to mention Eastern European food or Mexican. In those days I would be a fool not mentioning my experience in vegetarian and vegan cuisine, in case you need to fire up a bbq you can count on me too!
I've been working in different countries, learning different styles of preparations. In the last few years i spent most of the time cooking on super yacht aside of great chef, where I also had the chance to develop new and exciting skills.
Asian, BBQ, French, Health, Italian, Thai
Chef Alberto
this is me

this is me

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