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Private Chef Joel Saint Lucia

To cook without flavor is to life and not love.

Personal Chef # 25853

Cooking style
The vibrant flare and flavor which accompanies everything truly Caribbean is never absent in my search for plate licking dishes. The techniques of old like roasting burro banana on open flames before pureeing into ice-cream or the pickling of sardines before stuffing them into breadfruit will always be true to my heart but the modern influences on gastronomy is boldly present in the execution of my cuisine
My creative drive was birthed in the belly of an English Pub. Professional pride and attention to detail were the traits that lured me into deep infatuation with the labour of love. Later, at an all inclusive resort, I understood that presentation does not end with that final brush stroke or the a sprig of fresh mint; the love plated onto the the canvas can only be transferred through excellent customer service and consistency throughout the experience.
African, Caribbean, Italian, Vegan
Chef Joel
7 Times British 7 times French

7 Times British 7 times French

$ 131.10 /guest    2 and more
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What would you like?

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