Private Chef Paolo Palermo, SICILIA, Italy

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I'm an international Italian chef. Usually I love to take a look on a traditional recipe with new way to place it and moderniz it.
I am an Italian chef who loves the world. I spent 20 years working in the restaurants in Italy. On 2013 I decided to move overseas. My first choice was Sydney, Australia. There I have started to work immediately and for some of the best Italian restaurants. They have so much to offer about traditional and real Italian dishes. It was amazing and I loved this opportunity. In 2016, when I was spending my holidays in Playa del Carmen (Mexico), I started to think about more job opportunities and new ways to grow as person and chef. So I noticed that my experiences gained during my career in Italian restaurants, both in Italy and so far in Sydney, could willingly offer a lot here. In Playa del Carmen, Mexico, I worked as Private Chef for more than one year. I'm a chef consultant for set up news restaurants. I do also like teaching so I am keen to organize some cooking classes for everyone. Both these activities encourage my creativity. From July 2017 I'm in Palermo, Sicily, Italy. There I'm continuing to work as a private Chef and cooking class master.
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Chef Paolo
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3 Main course

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