Private Chef Nicola Agordo, VENETO, Italy

Elegant and balanced Italian cuisine.

Personal Chef # 25405

Cooking style
Pure Italian and mediterranean style, with strong influence of fine dining cuisine. I like defining my cuisine as elegant, balanced, with well defined taste.
I was born in Agordo, a village in the Dolomites mountains, in the Belluno province. While I was attending the Hotel School decided to take the first steps working as a cook in hotels and restaurants of the area. When I finished school, I wanted to keep on studying and I graduated with Honors in Science and Culture of Gastronomy and Food Service at Padua University. After graduating, I worked for a prestigious restaurant in London and afterwards I came back to Italy where I started a wonderful adventure as a Chef de Partie at a famous gourmet restaurant in South Tyrol. This is the place where I could perfect my technique, my taste and my knowledge of raw materials of absolute excellence. To further expand my skills, my next adventure saw me cooperating with two renowned Italian companies, market leaders in the production of food service equipment. This experience gave me the chance to travel, to experience and to face different realities, in Italy and abroad, enriching my cultural background, for both culinary and technological aspects. I bring to my customer the what I call the Chef Experience! It’s not only about food: I want to make them feel relaxing and enjoy the moment! I take care of every single detail, they don’t have to think about anything... I will serve a unique and bespoke meal with a special Italian touch!
Asian, French, Health, Italian, Mediterranean, Vegetarian
Chef Nicola
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The flavours of the Dolomites

The flavours of the Dolomites

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