Private Chef Marie Galway, G, Ireland

Cooking with a French hearth and Irish produces

Personal Chef # 28184

Cooking style
French background from traditional restaurant to awarded Michelin stared restaurant. Inspired from many years of traveling giving unique flavours to original dishes. Solid techniques allowing me to reproduce perfectly the most traditional and popular dishes. I am. also vega and vegetarian friendly.
I am a chef for many years (9 years of experience) and I would love to transport into your home the many restaurants I have been working for in Asia, Oceania and in Europe of course. I deliver food to match the must simple standard to the highest using produces that have been grown with care is my motto. I will satisfy any of your desires regarding your receptions, parties, intimate dinner and more. I’d love to know more about what you like to build dishes especially for your special occasion.
Asian, Bio, French, Health, Italian, Mediterranean
Chef Marie
Le gastronome

Le gastronome

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What would you like?

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