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Private Chef Tania Boulogne-Billancourt, IDF, France

Mexican Chef in Paris

Personal Chef # 30086

Cooking style
My objective is to create high end French-Mexican Cuisine, that allows me to capture the diversity of the two different cultures. I aim to celebrate the culinary heritage of both countries by fusing them together in order to create a unique dining experience. ​ My cuisine is a mixture of cultures, spicy flavours, french techniques, healthy cooking and a lot of creativity
am a Mexican Chef who did Culinary studies at the Cordon Bleu Paris, Management Studies at the Hotelier College of Lausanne, and a specialization in Gastronomy for Health and Well-being at Mexico City. I worked like a private Chef for the Mexican Minister of Health for four years, and I continued my professional development inside the kitchen of the Ritz Paris, place Vendome.
French, Fusion, Latin, Mediterranean, Mexican, Molecular
Chef Tania
The Mexican Heritage

The Mexican Heritage

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