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Private Chef Mateusz Saint-Paul-d'Abbotsford, QC, Canada

Chef-permaculture designer (farm to the table)

Personal Chef # 3511

Cooking style
Fresh and good products with put my passion and love in it, working with also a lot wild products if you interested , a lot of experience in vegan and vegetarian cuisine and big exploration in fermentation!
I'm experience chef in professionnel kitchen for more than 13 years from school to fine dining restaurants, the competition and unfair conditions didn't let me keep going for a long time by just working in the kitchen. Since 5 years I've changed my path a bit by getting involved in permaculture and practice in my own land with one acre in agriculture fully licensed company , I have a green house 80f long by 20f , 3 garlic beds for 2022 planted around 300lbs organic music garlic ....... So I'm just growing and glowing.Travel and work in many countries but now I'm in the different lever the new future chef who is farming and transforming from his own garden (dine to the table from my garden).
American, Asian, BBQ, Bio, Chinese, Eastern Europe
Chef Mateusz
Coctail Party

Coctail Party

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