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Chef at home Jacob

Hamilton, ON, Canada



Cancelled when he was set to arrive!
Where do I begin...from the moment I hired his services, communication was an issue, waiting days for a response, setting times to discuss details and Jacob never followed through. When I reserved his services, I had originally booked for 6 guests. I immediately sent him a message on the app as I had made an error and the booking was meant to be for 5 not 6 guests. Jacob assured me this was not a concern and service would be for 5. I had also asked if he was able to provide a wine pairing list for each course, he happily agreed and went as far as to ask me to provide him the location of the LCBO I will be shopping at so that he can check their stock. This conversation was the Monday before my Saturday event. On Wednesday I asked Jacob if he had created the list, he stated he had not but would send it Thursday. On Thursday I get a text, asked if he can send me the list at 6pm on Friday (shocker...this is how the entire communication has been from the beginning). I explained that this
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