Private Chef Victor Antigua and Barbuda

Traveling Chef

Personal Chef # 20025

Cooking style
I enjoy unexpected flavor and cuisine hybrids. My style is simple, clean and fast. I focus on what works and not on what's trending. I like to honor the tradition of the origin of the dish versus deconstructing it to an unrecognizable dish because of a trend. I can do :Farm to table or Ocean to Table, your choice.
I am a 3rd generation butcher by trade who managed to make his way into the kitchen. First job in a professional kitchen I was appointed the position of , Sous Chef. I have since acquired the experience needed to succeed in my industry and climb the success latter. I am currently the Executive Chef of 2 dining outlets in Bakers Bay Golf & Ocean club. Here I cater to high profile cliental from - Nightly fine dining in my restaurant The Beach Club or my beach side casual dining outlet The Dune Bar. I also do a very frequent amount of private in home dining services for members who request me, personally. I have an extensive profile in culinary raging from Japanese cuisine (Nobu Miami, Nobu Malibu, Nobu Atlants) to Rustic Italian (Casa Tua Miami, Terrazza at the Shore club), etc.
American, Asian, Caribbean, Chinese, Europe, Latin
Chef Victor
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$ 60.95 /guest    2 and more
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What would you like?

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