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What to do for your husband's 60th birthday?

Celebrating a birthday is a special event for everyone. Turning sixty means starting a new chapter and there is nothing better than celebrating it with an unforgettable party, especially if the birthday boy is your husband. In this article, we give you some tips on how to celebrate your husband's 60 years and we also share the best anniversary gift ideas for this special occasion.


20 Gift Ideas for Your Husband's 60th Birthday

How can you surprise your husband with a creative idea or amuse him with an unconventional gift? Find out amazing gift ideas in the following paragraphs!


1. Watch

Not sure what to buy for your husband's 60th birthday? A safe bet is a watch. This accessory not only indicates the time, but it is also a jewelry item that looks great with any outfit. You can choose between watches with a steel or leather strap, as well as with an analog or digital dial.


2. Hire a Personal Chef

Turning sixty is a milestone and the best way to celebrate it is by organizing a dinner party and inviting your husband’s family and closest friends. But, why be the home cook when a professional chef can prepare the perfect dinner party? You can book a personal chef online, for all occasions and group sizes. On the MiumMium platform, you will be introduced to skilled chefs who will exceed your expectations without breaking the bank.

Looking for an authentic barbecue or an Italian menu? MiumMium is equipped to fill your plate. Our private chefs are flexible in regards to reworking menus to best fit your husband's tastes and dietary restrictions. You just need to relax and enjoy, the MiumMium chef takes care of it all, even the dishes!


3. Belt

Belts are one of those accessories that most men do not leave the house without. So it is definitely a good gift idea for your husband. You can choose from a wide variety of elegant and casual belts. The first is an excellent option for businessmen and lovers of classic and elegant items. On the other hand, casual belts are beautifully practical. If your husband wears sneakers or sports shoes, this is a good option!


4. Custom Puzzle Game

It is a personalized gift that is sure to thrill him! You can choose a photograph of both of you together or a silly one of him. It will show your husband that you want to spend your free time together and relive a special moment.

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5. Cooking classes

One of the most original and fun gifts you can give your husband for his sixtieth birthday is a cooking class. You will both be able to learn to cook his favorite recipe in the comfort of your home. Apart from learning some useful cooking techniques, you also get to eat your delicious creations!

Our cooking classes are a one-time event, similar to the personal chef experience but with a learning twist. There’s no limit to what you can learn. Our personal chefs can take you on a tour around the world without having to leave your kitchen. If you want to learn how to make traditional Mexican tacos, French scallops, or a Hungarian goulash, Miummium chefs are phenomenal teachers that will take your taste buds where they want to be on the globe. You can book cooking classes with your partner for a more intimate experience, or with a larger group so that you can share a special moment with friends and family.

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6. Bottle of Alcohol

We don't mean just any bottle you can get at the grocery store around the corner. If you choose to give him this kind of gift, try to get a bottle that is exclusive and special, such as a premium or collectible version of the wine he enjoys or a limited edition bottle of the whiskey brand he prefers. If your husband is an amateur of spirits, beer, or wine, the gift of a prized bottle will do the trick.


7. Night at the Hotel

You do not need to travel to another country or city to surprise him with this incredible gift. If you book a night in the best hotel in your city with a romantic dinner, it will be enough to enjoy a great time together. Certainly, it will create moments to remember. Try to choose a sophisticated hotel that offers a good deal for couples. Some establishments even have spa packages!


8. Night Helicopter Ride

Can you imagine how he will react if you give him an adventure like this? Contemplating the city at night from above is a magical and unforgettable gift idea. Take advantage of this moment to remind him once again how much you love him from above. It is a very thrilling and romantic gift to offer. Of course, do not consider it if he is afraid of heights!


9. Weekend Getaway

This gift idea is a sure bet. Who does not love to enjoy a few days of relaxation away from home? You just have to find the perfect getaway in the right place, no one knows your husband better than you. On sites like Airbnb, there are a lot of charming cabins and apartments with views. You can also opt for modern or even luxurious hotels in the destination of your choice.


10. Matching Tattoos

This is a risky gift idea, but it can be welcomed if your husband is a tattoo lover! If he has ever told you that he would like to tattoo something with you, it may be a good gift idea. This is a sign of commitment and that you want to seal a relationship with a significant matching tattoo.

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11. E-Reader

E-readers are much more affordable than a while ago, and if your husband is an avid reader, he will surely love it. It’s a practical item thanks to its size and weight. Plus, every day there is a greater catalog of books available in electronic format. This gift idea will surely facilitate the reading habit of your favorite bookworm.


12. Sunglasses

This is a gift that never goes out of style. In addition, it is a gift that is constantly changing as sunglasses adapt to current trends. Quality sunglasses are stylish and have an important function when driving or taking a healthy stroll.


13. Photo Album

After all the years that you have spent together, you have lived countless magical moments and trips that have marked your relationship. It is very likely that you have collected a large part of those moments in photographs, and that they are all over the place. Some pictures are on your smartphone, others on social networks, USB keys, or simply not developed yet!

Creating a photo album that organizes all these moments you’ve shared together elegantly will be as if you bought him a time machine. You can also include photos of your husband as a child and make a chronology of his life from the moment he was born. 


14. Special Breakfast

Life is more enjoyable thanks to small pleasures. Take advantage of his birthday to sneak out of bed and return with a tray loaded with the best breakfast delicacies. In addition, it is a magnificent opportunity for the two of you to share a lazy morning and stay in bed until the afternoon! Everyone likes to be pampered and cared for, especially on their birthday. 


15. DNA Analysis

This gift idea can be tricky as some may consider it intrusive to have their DNA sent to a laboratory somewhere. Nevertheless, this gift can be perfect for an individual who has an interest in genealogy. MyHeritage is a company that offers this service through DNA tests that are done with saliva. You just have to follow the instructions and send the package back to a mail address. They will then report the ethnic origin percentage from all over the globe.


16. Test Drive

If your husband is a car lover, why not offer him a test drive in a Ferrari or a Lamborghini? Or better yet, if he's a fan of vintage cars, you can also rent his dream car so he can drive it for a couple of days. He will surely love it!


17. Spa Day

Everyone loves to enjoy a day of total relaxation, and turning 60 is a great excuse to offer your loved one a day at a luxury spa. Many treatments can be booked at these establishments, from volcanic stone massages to chocolate peels. You can choose the one that you think best suits your husband's needs.


18. Ergonomic Chair

This gift is very versatile since it can be used for all kinds of things: taking a nap, reading a book, watching television, or just sitting down to listen to music. As people get older, more attention needs to be paid to posture, and an ergonomic chair will be very beneficial to your husband's health.


19. Tickets to an Event

If your husband is a fan of the arts, you can give him tickets to go to the opera or to see a concert of his favorite artist. If he has a favorite sports team, two tickets to go see an event with whoever he wants is a great gift as well.


20. Golf Balls

If your husband is a golf lover, you will know that obviously, you cannot play golf without balls! Any golfer, novice or professional, loses their balls during a game so gifting golf balls is a safe bet, because they are always needed.

To make it a different and original gift, the best thing you can do is give original and striking balls - not the typical white ones that they sell in any store. There is a wide variety of colorful and patterned balls on Amazon. This way you will make sure that when your husband uses them he will always remember you and he can easily differentiate them from other players. Of course, let's hope he doesn't lose them all in the water!


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