Best ideas to host the perfect gender reveal party

Best ideas to host the perfect gender reveal party

A gender reveal party is an event where the parents announce or discover the sex of their baby during a celebration. This can entail revealing a cake decorated with pink frosting for girls or blue frosting for boys. It could also entail having guests guess what the baby’s sex is based on clues given out at the party. There are lots of different ways to do organize a gender reveal party, depending on how much money you want to spend and how elaborate you want your party to be.

Whether you're looking for gender reveal party inspiration, gender reveal game ideas, or just want some guidance on the type food you should serve, we've got you covered. This comprehensive guide has everything you need to throw the ultimate gender reveal party to formally welcome your little one into the world.


Who should organize a gender reveal party?

Considering the gender reveal typically takes place during the first trimester and is the first official party celebrating the new baby on the way, the parents to be are often the hosts of the shower. However, as with a baby shower, it is not unusual for expectant parents to get a bit of help from friends and family. The grandparents to be or even the godparents to be might want to take charge of the hosting duties, so there is no rule regarding who should organize a gender reveal party. 


What do you do at gender reveal parties?

The idea behind the party is that you want to celebrate your new baby whilst also finding out if you are having a boy or girl. Before the party, parents need to go see an ultrasound technician. Instead of him telling you what the sex is, he writes down the gender on a piece of paper and slips it into an envelope. 

You can then use this info to plan your own gender reveal or get a close family member or friend to plan it for you. The reveal itself is a lot like a baby shower. You will likely receive lots of gifts for the baby and maybe even a few for mum and dad if you're lucky. There will likely be party games and delicious food and, of course, the big reveal. 


What type of food do people eat at a gender reveal party?

The kind food that you should serve at a gender reveal party depends on what you and your party guests like. You could go with a sophisticated vibe and hire a personal chef to cook you a gourmet meal, or you could opt for the other end of the spectrum with finger foods. 

If you are trying to think of a creative gender reveal food menu, consider constructing your menu around the mom to be's pregnancy cravings. You might end up with some weird combinations, but she'll love it and it is a fun touch. Of course, just as you would usually have at a baby shower, there should be cake of some kind, whether it be cake pops or cookies. No gender reveal party is a success without cake. You can even have the cake be the star of the show with a simple gender reveal built into the cake. Something as simple as having pink icing or blue icing on the inside of the cake can be the perfect subtle reveal tactic.

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What are the best gender reveal ideas?

A gender reveal party is a fun way to announce the sex of your baby! It's also a great opportunity to show off your style with unique gifts or decorations. We've collected some of our favorite gender reveal ideas below.

Treasure hunt

If you are looking for a way to get everyone involved in the gender reveal, you can make it one big scavenger hunt game. The concept is very simple, although it might take some planning to execute properly. All you need to do is create various clues which will lead your guests to more clues until at the very end, they are led to the ultimate clue which will reveal whether you are having a baby boy or a baby girl. 

Personal chef

When people think baby showers and gender reveal parties, most of the time, they think about blue smoke being launched out of a confetti cannon or pink sparkles coming out of a pink balloon but in reality you have the option to create a far more sophisticated occasion. Although you are celebrating the baby on the way, you should also be celebrating yourselves as parents bringing the baby into the world, and what better way than to treat yourself with a private chef

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Traditional party 

Of course, throwing a traditional gender reveal party is a popular option. It can be as low-key or over the top as you like. Traditional gender reveal parties are set up just like a baby shower, with party decorations, games and food, but with the added excitement of a gender-reveal stunt somewhere throughout the day. 

The way you choose to share your baby's gender with friends and family is completely up to you. Some popular ideas include having some kind of breakable sports ball, whether it be a golf ball or baseball filled with blue or pink powder and have someone take a shot at the ball. Another fan favourite is to have inflated balloons filled with either pink or blue confetti. However you choose to do it, it will be special!

Cooking class

For many people, food is the thing that brings family and friends together, and people are never happier than when they are sat around a table eating delicious food with people they love. A unique idea for a gender reveal party is to book a cooking class. You can inform your chef about foods that you and your guests love. You can learn how to make delicious meals and pass them down to your baby on the way, having these meals as a constant reminder of the time you were excited to welcome them into the world.

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How to plan a gender reveal party

Planning a gender reveal party can be stressful but planning ahead helps ensure everything goes smoothly. Here are some tips to help you prepare for the big day.

Pick a theme

The first thing you need to do is pick a theme for your party. The options here really are endless, but you will want to choose something that has both a man and female version of it. Some example are:

  • Bows or bowties
  • Prince or princess
  • Pirate or mermaid

The most important thing is that the theme you choose reflects you as a family, as at the end of the day, that is what this party is all about. 

Set a date and pick a venue

The next task on the agenda is to pick a date. It is important not to set your date too early on in your pregnancy. Although it might be tempting to tell the world straight away, it is best to wait a while. Anyway, it is impossible to know the sex of your baby before 18 weeks, so anywhere between 18-25 weeks is the best time. You don't want to be too new to pregnancy or too far along. As for venues, literally anywhere will do. You could have it at home, rent a hall, visit a fancy restaurant… at the end of the day, you are all here to celebrate your new baby which can be done in any location.

Send invitations

Once the date and venue are set and you have settled on a theme, you can send out your invitations. Whilst you can go all out and send fancy invites, it is equally acceptable to simply send a text to your friends and family to let them know all the relevant information. 

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