Personal Chef Silvio

Redondo Beach, CA, United States

Menu #16907
BBQ Package

We provide full-service style buffet. We will serve your guests with mouth-watering meats, fresh seafood, vegetables & salads. Food price per person, 15 people minimum all packages include salad & baguettes, tableware not include. Ask for Chef and server fees (424) 288 0360. Need Custom menu ask the Chef Silvio.

Category: Breakfast/Brunch
Influence: BBQ
curly  Main Course  curly
Picanha Steak
Picanha Steak

Picanha is a Brazilian Top Sirloin cap, in US call Culotte.

$ 29.33 /guest       15 and more
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Noon (10h-14h)
Evening (18h-22h)
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