Personal Chef Randall, North Myrtle Beach, SC, United States | Menu #14133

Personal Chef Randall

North Myrtle Beach, SC, United States

Menu #14133
The American Royal

Hearty all American cut of beef, matched with International technique and a feel for the south all in one satisfying meal.

Category: Cocktails - Dinner
Influence: American, BBQ, Decadent, French, Fusion, Soul/Southern
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Spinach Strawberry Salad
Spinach Strawberry Salad

Fresh baby spinach, arugula, feta, pecan mix, tossed with strawberries and a fresh blueberry vinaigrette.

Tennessee Wonton
Tennessee Wonton

Crispy Asian wontons fried, stuffed with chives, a blend of creamy cheeses and Tennessee style country sausage, served with a Thai chili sauce.

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Filet Mignon
Filet Mignon

12 ounce hand cut, premium aged filet seared, then roasted to desired temperature. Topped Oscar style, or with a compound butter assortment depending on your taste.

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BlackBerry Cobbler À la Mode
BlackBerry Cobbler À la Mode

Oven baked southern style blackberry cobbler, served with fresh whipped cream and vanilla bean ice cream.

Fresh Fruit Shortcake
Fresh Fruit Shortcake

Fresh fruit of the season in a strawberry reduction sauce, atop fluffy shortcake and garnished with cocoa powder and fresh whipped cream.

$ 120.75 /guest       2 and more
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