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Menu #15580
Intro to Nikkei

A combination of North and South American dishes combined with asian flavors, inspired by the Nikkei cuisine of South America.

Category: Dinner
Influence: Asian, BBQ, Japanese
curly  Appetizer  curly
Nikkei Tuna Tartare
Nikkei Tuna Tartare

Fresh and vibrant tuna tartare with a Nikkei-style twist

Peri Peri Shrimp
Peri Peri Shrimp

Brazilian Peri Peri shrimp with kohlrabi & red cabbage slaw

curly  Main Course  curly
Korean Style Pork Ribs
Korean Style Pork Ribs

Galbi style pork ribs with broccoli slaw or house made kimchi

$ 56.35 /guest       4 and more
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