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Cincinnati, OH, United States

Menu #16570
Cincinnati Fare

Flavors of Cincinnati presented to please your palette. 21+ only.

Category: Dinner
Influence: American, BBQ, Soul/Southern
curly  Amuse Bouche  curly
Sweet and Spicy Bratwurst Canapé
Sweet and Spicy Bratwurst Canapé

Cincinnati Bratwurst sliced and seared, sitting on top of a spicy, creamy avocado spread, on a artisan butter cracker, and drizzled with a blueberry reduction with a kick.

curly  Appetizer  curly
Spicy Goetta Hash
Spicy Goetta Hash

A hearty scramble of traditional Cincinnati Goetta, Idaho potatoes, jalapeño, eggs, and cheese.

curly  Main Course  curly
Blueberry Chicken Wings and Waffles
Blueberry Chicken Wings and Waffles

Fried chicken wings with a blueberry glaze served on a crispy waffle and topped with an apple slaw.

curly  Dessert  curly
Bourbon Chocolate Chip Cookies
Bourbon Chocolate Chip Cookies

Dark chocolate, Cincinnati bourbon cookies served with a local bourbon milkshake. Legal drinking age only.

$ 70.15 /guest       4 and more
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