Personal Chef Nada

Brantford, ON, Canada

Menu #17883
Carnivore BBQ

Grilled meats and vegetables accompany classic sides for a meal that’s right all year round.

Category: Cocktails - Cooking class - Dinner - Lunch
Influence: BBQ
Dietary restriction: (Gluten-Free)
curly  Appetizer  curly
Bulgogi chicken wings
Bulgogi chicken wings

1 lb baked chicken wings in a koren style, sweet and savoury BBQ sauce.

curly  Main Course  curly
BBQ ribs
BBQ ribs

Classic Smokey BBQ Sauce coated ribs. Served with grilled vegetables and roasted potatoes.

curly  Dessert  curly
Grilled pineapple w salted caramel whipped cream
Grilled pineapple w salted caramel whipped cream

Sweet pineapple rings are grilled and served warm with vanilla whipped cream.

$ 41.40 /guest       2 and more
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