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Private Chef James Youngstown, OH, United States

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Personal Chef # 51995

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Classically trained in Italian/French cuisine. But love and am proficient doing Classic BBQ, Mediterranean, Latin American, Asian, Middle Eastern, Indian, and Traditional African, and American cuisine. I love to diversify and experiment.
I've been working in the food industry for 27 yrs, and I've worked and mastered every conceivable position. Both actually! I trained under Marriot Atlanta's Executive Chef, Tony Ragozzine for about two years in Atlanta and have been back in good old Youngstown, Ohio ever since. I've had the luck and privilege to work, and hone my skills in places like Cafe 422, Anthony's on the river...where I trained under Jimmy Cheffo, also I was Sous Chef at the B&O Station. I've been Head Chef at Rachel's Westchester since 2010, having worked there a total of 18 wonderful years. I'm currently offering custom dining experiences in your own home, with custom menu's, choice of music, indoor or outdoor, custom bar/drink selection...ect.
American, Asian, BBQ, Decadent, Europe, Italian
Chef James
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Southern Hospitality

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What would you like?

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