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Private Chef Yasu NY, United States

Amazing food, professional techniques, and great experience.

Personal Chef # 9502

Cooking style
My cooking style is clean, fresh, and comfortable. I use many techniques and incorporate that with the combination of different cultural flavors.
I started working in kitchens at the age of 16, around 1991! Since then I attended The New York Restaurant School, which has now been replaced by The Art Institute. I have worked in many different kitchens over the years in the states of Florida, Connecticut, and New York City. I've done casual, upscale casual, fine dining, stadium, private club, and currently catering. I've worked with amazing Chefs, 3 of them were on Chopped. I love what I do!
American, Asian, Fusion, Health, Italian, Latin
Chef Yasu
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What would you like?

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