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Private Chef Oscar West Valley City, UT, United States

Culinary Artist

Personal Chef # 15099

Cooking style
I was trained and did my apprenticeship with french culinary techniques and french food but I mainly cook Contemporary American, which includes but is not limited to, Italian, Southwest food, Cajun or Creole and Traditional American Home-style cooking like grandma used to make.
I basically grew up in a kitchen, my mom and dad had a Mexican seafood Restaurant in Anaheim, California. When I was 10 years old, my dad would make me clean and organize dry storage, sweep, mop, help wash dishes and clean whole Tilapias (Scale and gut). I moved to Salt Lake City Utah and started as a dishwasher and prep cook for my dad. I worked my way up the ladder in the kitchen from dishes and prep to pantry, pizza, fryers, breakfast cook, grill, saute, wheel man, lead line and sous chef positions. I have worked in kitchens for 20 years, during 11 of those I had 2 full time jobs, during 5 with a full time job and part time. I have logged more than 40 thousand hours working in various types of kitchens from small and pop operations to corporate, hotels and fine dining.
American, BBQ, French, Italian, Mediterranean, Mexican
Chef Oscar
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What would you like?

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