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Private Chef Jasmine West Palm Beach, FL, United States

A dash of Sunshine in every home meal

Personal Chef # 48310

Cooking style
Mouthwatering, clean, holistic, high quality, delicious family sized cooked meals. ( also available for intimate settings)
Experience your food personally prepared with special care. Guests can help prepare &/or enjoy their own personal meal. I guide groups on a foodie journey with my expertise as a personal travelling chef I wish to share cultural taste. While I continue to pick up more knowledge during my travels, book with me and fill your belly with all the amazing things I’ve learned so far. Meal options will consist of Caribbean flavor, Holistic touch, southern cuisine and not limited to breakfast as an option. Recipes are made from scratch with southern hospitality. Beverages are included and homemade desserts are available as well. A current menu selection will be provided. Guest has the option of supplying their own main ingredients or to be worry free. I am available to bring everything required from preset menu agreed upon by guest. Unique experience that takes you on a open journey of appreciation of culture, structure, and all life's blessings. Its the extra dash of Sunshine I like to add that uplifts each special event or occasion.
American, BBQ, Caribbean, Chinese, Health, Mexican
Chef Jasmine
What would you like?

What would you like?

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