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Private Chef Chelsea West Palm Beach, FL, United States

Taking the familiar and elevating the experience.

Personal Chef # 16006

Cooking style
I believe in feeding yourself well and that can mean a number of things for each client, so it's my job to be great at every aspect of the culinary experience. My flavors are vibrant, bold, clean and edgy, with that familiar aspect that is so important in food. They call me the Brunch Professional since I have such a specialized knack for creating sweet, savory flavors that can be mixed and matched for any time of the day, along with specialty cocktails to complete the experience. I primarily specialize in elevated comfort food with a lot of Latin and French influences. Comfort food can be interpreted many ways, however, with me, is just meaning cooking for love, cooking to make someone feel special and nourished, the ability to take nothing and turn it into something. Cajun/Creole cuisine, lots of fresh seafood and vegetarian options are major portions of my repertoire. Any meal can be specialized into a vegan/vegetarian option for those that practice those diets. If you are health-minded, I can create meals that give you that same satisfying experiences that meat-eaters have, but well within the flavorful boundaries of your dietary needs. Have a special recipe that you want recreated? Just ask! In my kitchen, anything is possible and it will always be excellently flavored and beautiful.
Welcome! I am a self-taught chef, culinary entrepreneur, culinary instructor and practiced home cook. Since launching my personal chef services in 2015, I've had the extreme pleasure of providing personalized private chef services for home events. I work with my clients to develop a custom menu, shop for groceries and then prepare a gorgeous and delicious meal in their home. Cooking has been my hobby since the age of 17, I taught myself how to cook, meld flavors, create menus and produce amazingly delicious menus consistently. In lieu of culinary school, I used my tenacity, never-ending quest of culinary information, and a lot of audacity to snag coveted sous chef positions in restaurants and country clubs in both Broward and Palm Beach counties, being trained by great chefs such as Nick Morfogan at the esteemed 32 East Restaurant in downtown Delray Beach and under the tutelage of restaurateur Gary Rack in his numerous fine-dining establishments around the South Florida area. I was granted the extreme pleasure of being a featured Chef at the 2016 Dania Beach Arts & Seafood Fest and the 2016 South Beach Wine and Food Fest, as well as the opportunity to do live cooking demos and private cooking instruction at various YMCA's, community child care centers, city events, and the list goes on. Not bad for a girl who taught herself to cook and plate in an apartment kitchen back in 2008, I'd say.
American, Decadent, French, Fusion, Italian, Vegetarian
Chef Chelsea
The Beginner Brunch

The Beginner Brunch

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What would you like?

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