Private Chef Elizabeth West Chester, PA, United States

The Gourmet Woman

Personal Chef # 25451

Cooking style
Fresh, modern, and current. Chef Elizabeth prepares the finest organic ingredients into amazing dishes for you and your family or guests. Chef Elizabeth works closely with her clients to construct amazing menu plans. Chef Elizabeth’s cooking is SAFE. If you have food allergies or sensitivities you can relax, as Chef Elizabeth creates wonderful food with safe substitutions. You can be sure that your food is sustainable.
Fine dining in the comfort of your home. Your menu will be exactly what we’ve worked on. All food allergies and sensitivities won’t be a problem as I have taken great precautions in finding the right substitutions. Relax, regain precious time, and nourish yourself with Chef Elizabeth’s amazing food.
American, Asian, Decadent, French, Health, Vegetarian
Chef Elizabeth
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What would you like?

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