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Private Chef Justin Waxahachie, TX, United States

Culinary passion

Personal Chef # 8387

Cooking style
I have mainly focused on wood fired. I love the diversity different woods can bring to a plate. The more charr the better.
I have work in the industry since I was 14. In kindergarten when the children were asked, what do you want to be when you grow up? I wanted to be a chef. I started my first job when I was 14 in a dish room of a seafood restaurant in daytona beach florida. Even then I tried to get the cooks to show me things, how to use a knife, cuts, preparing food. It's always been a curiosity of mine and a passion. When I was 19 I was able to find a chef to mentor me. I trained with him for two years. Worked as his sous chef for another two. Then worked under former presidential Chef fritz doss for a time. Some good chefs in the hotel industry. Then eventually became an executive chef of an Italian bistro in midlothian. We are currently numerous one in our area.
American, French, Fusion, Greek, Italian, Mediterranean
Chef Justin
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What would you like?

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