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Private Chef Stephanie Visalia, CA, United States

Food takes tender love and care to come out just right.

Personal Chef # 3250

Cooking style
I do alot of Mexican cooking, and a lot of homemade foods. I can cook a variety of different plates, in fact like for instance a lobster tail with fresh green beans and a baked potatoe topped with butter sour cream and chives. All house warming romantic and filling. I can do homemade soups with home made fresh bread baked and buttered to perfection. That's just an example. So if you choose to put my skills in your kitchen I'd be honored and you won't be disappointed.
I'm currently enrolled in a Professional Culinary arts Program in school at ITT Tech in Clovis. Food is my passion and I beleive in fresh food and a hot plate. I've worked in various restaurants as a sous chef and a lead chef. It is my passion and dream to one day own my own restaurant, that's why I'm in culinary school to advance in my skills and speed as well as knowledge.
American, BBQ, Chinese, Health, Mexican, Vegetarian
Foodie Stephanie
What would you like?

What would you like?

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