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Private Chef Melissa Vancouver, WA, United States

Food explorer, artist, lover, engineer.

Personal Chef # 9729

Cooking style
I am a baker fully trained, certified and tested. My degree is in bakery management and I have certification in pastry arts and cake decorating. I specialize in chocolates and plated dessert. I have a flair for French and European inspired dessert. I follow trends but embrace the classical. I have full production bakery experience, which ranges from cakes, bread, morning pastries and fine desserts. I have worked in a broad range of venues offering diverse menu offerings.
I am a baker and pastry cook. I have worked over 20 years collectively in almost all capacities of food service. I specialize in baking and pastry arts. I have worked most recently for Larsen's bakery and Papa Haydens. I only offer my services as a dessert chef.
American, Decadent, Europe, French, Italian
Chef Melissa
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What would you like?

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