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Private Chef Chris Vallejo, CA, United States

The Exec Chef doing it fresh!

Personal Chef # 3496

Cooking style
I Cook with passion, I like to be a bit rustic.
I have over 20 years of experience working in a kitchen and 14 years of experience being an executive chef for a private country club doing fine dining and Hotels.
American, Asian, BBQ, Chinese, Decadent, French
Chef Chris
Perfect for 2

Perfect for 2

$ 127.44 /guest    2 and more
What would you like?

What would you like?

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The food Chris prepared for us was beyond amazing! He came up with the menu after I told him I pretty much like everything. The food was tender, flavorful, and just overall cooked to perfection. And it was a very generous portion size where we had leftovers that he wrapped up and placed in the fridge for us. Chris was responsive and easy to work with and we enjoyed him preparing our meal and engaging in casual conversation with us. I definitely recommend him. It was my first time using a personal chef and he set the bar high!
Not the Chef for me
I will begin by sharing that the food prepared was very good both in quality and taste. For our initial reservation Chef Chris was a no show. He got his dates mixed up and luckily we had a second option available in our holiday, although it would have been nice to eat in after a long day of travel as originally planned. Chris and co. arrived on time for our make up dinner, but certainly did not WOW us or make up for the scheduling error in any way. I had shared with the chef that we had a Gluten allergy in our group and the first course was delivered with Melba toast crackers on the same plate as the Charcuterie. This was concerning and left me worried about the other dishes. There was little interaction from Chris and definitely no romancing of the dishes served. I would have love to have seen the meals presented in a professional manner rather then placed on the table and then walking away. The smoke alarm going off repeatedly through the meal was the topper on the cake...either
Chef comment: Im Glad you enjoyed the food! I did get the dates mixed up because when i was emailing Karin back and forth for the 10 days leading up to the event the title of the email that we both used back and forth were for June 2nd and there was never a correction from Client side. However with every item i set on the table i let Karin and friends know what was inside everything! Also where most things were created or made! I didn't interact with the guest other then anything food related because the gues
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