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Private Chef Weston Vail, CO, United States

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Personal Chef # 21723

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I was trained by an amazing chef at an early age. She encouraged me to express myself in my food. Express my personality and what drives me and what inspires me. She helped me find my style of cooking by finding the best ingredients and letting the ingredient shine through. I love to cook food that people can understand and recognize. A guest should never feel intimidated or uncomfortable due to not being able to comprehend a complex menu. I take food that makes me happy and usually has a story in my life. Finding a comfort in cooking with comfort food that is elevated to a high level. I love to provide cooking classes. Wine Pairing dinner. Drop off Meals. Special Event Catering.
Award winning Executive Chef/Food & Beverage Director with a 18 year career in professional Hospitality Management and Luxury property outlet management. Highly qualified managing director/chef with proven experience managing multiple properties, and effectively training staff. Family, friends, food, and fun. These are the things that make time together so special, and they're also the main ingredients for a memorable dining experience with Chef Weston. You’re invited to think outside of the restaurant, to explore the power of your kitchen, and to welcome in the creativity of a chef focused on an unforgettable experience. Enjoy your time away, or at home, with a personal chef who can prepare anything from wild game on the grill, to salads and sweets. This is how staying in for the night is best served. This is comfortably gourmet.
American, Asian, French, Fusion, Health, Italian
Chef Weston
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What would you like?

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