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Private Chef Russell Vail, CO, United States

Locally sourced ingredients and classical technique combined mindfully and served with love.

Personal Chef # 3785

Cooking style
I attempt to prepare ingredients from the Colorado larder using ancient and classic techniques, as well as a modern understanding of the science of food and cooking. Mindful product sourcing, and relationships with local farmers and purveyors, result in a style of cooking that yields a remarkable dining experience, while maximizing the health benefits and minimizing the environmental impact of the food we choose to eat. Plus, the freshest and most carefully grown food also tastes the best!
I come from a family of chefs, and began my career in pastry in Atlanta while attending Emory University in the early 90s. Following a distinguished career in pharmaceutical science, I returned to the kitchen where I have been a savory and pastry chef in Forbes 4 and 5 star resorts in some of the most remarkable settings in the country.
American, French, Italian, Japanese, Mediterranean, Soul/Southern
Chef Russell
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What would you like?

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