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Private Chef Tanner Tucson, AZ, United States

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Personal Chef # 11784

Cooking style
french inspired American cuisine. I'm not scared to cook anything, nor try anything. I study the work of Bourdain, mostly, and use a lot of his recipes (tweaking them myself, of course!) I'm not very familiar with Asian, middle eastern, or African food but that doesn't mean I'm not learning them!
Started at Maynard's kitchen with chef Addam Buzzalini. I then worked with chef Albert Hall at his restaurant, Acacia. I worked my way up to grill, and Sautee, and learned most of what i know today there. I then recieved a banquet chef position at Skyline Country club and estates. This was the most humbling experience being able to run gorgeous events and interact with the guests to find what food/experience would be best. I then saw a lot of potential in a company called FOX concepts. I decided to try it out and am now employed as the key hourly manager at zinburger. I love what I do and put pride and love into every dish.
American, French, Greek, Italian, Latin, Vegetarian
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What would you like?

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