Private Chef Dennis Tacoma, WA, United States

I'm an innovative chef that believes the perfect bite can take you back to your childhood

Personal Chef # 9742

Cooking style
I believe in fresh and local ingredients. My cooking style reflects that with fresh flavors that are layered through my dishes. I have the ability to cook in almost any style but my two favorites would have to be Greek and Asian cuisine.
3 years of culinary and pastry school with about 2 years personal of experience working with chocolate and candy. I assisted in the opening of Gordon Nacarato's latest restaurant Smoke & Cedar. I currently work at Chambers Bay's golf course as a lead line cook prep coordinator and assistant banquet chef. All in all, I have 5 years of professional experience in the industry coupled with 6 years of personal experience.
Asian, Chinese, Decadent, Greek, Health, Vegetarian
Chef Dennis
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What would you like?

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