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Private Chef Jennifer Sterling, CT, États-Unis

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Personal Chef # 6526

Cooking style
I'm all about working with what you have. I love Cooking seasonal foods, exotic herbs and spices and always trying something new! Must keep learning! I prefer real food that everyone wants to share and taste, not fou-fou fussy playing that only shows me that someone touched my food way too much! I use foods that are substainable and wisely grown and harvested. This is also very important to my cooking style.
I've been a professional chef going on 25 year this summer! I have worked in many different venues from a 5 star weekend wedding establishment to food trucks and even a country club golf course bar and grill. High end wedding and event catering has been the area I definitely have spent more time with throughout the years. I am now thrilled to be a cooking class instructor at 2 places in Connecticut and I also do at home cooking classes! They are great for milestone birthdays, mini-family reunions, a couples night in, or even for an anniversary or a bachelorette party!
African, American, Asian, BBQ
Chef Jennifer
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What would you like?

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