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Private Chef Shelley Stanardsville, VA, United States

Exceptionally Gifted Private Estate Chef!

Personal Chef # 28110

Cooking style
My cooking style is always fresh, healthy, vibrant, flavorful and stylish with a playful twist of culinary creativity! I never produce a boring meal! I am at my happiest when playing with an international dish such as classic Chicken Tikka Masala accompanied by a steaming bowl of traditional Basmati rice, or a traditional French roasted chicken! That being said, I also love preparing a spur of the moment grilled hotdog dinner! I am very versatile and creative with my dishes while still maintaining a down home approach.
With over 15 years of culinary experience in upscale dining, catering operations and private chef work, my primary focus is turning local, organic cuisine in to a work of art! Outstanding quality and flavors are my main goal when preparing meals for my principals, whether it's for a intimate dinner, family meals, cocktail parties, picnics, small dinner parties, tea service or family movie night!
American, Asian, Decadent, French, Health, Indian
Chef Shelley
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What would you like?

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