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Private Chef Matthew Spring Valley, OH, United States

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Personal Chef # 3857

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I love a variety of cooking styles. I am big into comfort food. I can make the most tender baby back ribs you have ever had. I also found a mix of Asian and American foods works really well.
I started out in a restaurant at 14 as a bus boy. I started in the kitchen at 15. I fell in love with food. I later went on to get my 4 year degree in aviation management from Auburn University. I went on to be a pilot. I got my culinary degree for fun, in my spare time. I have given up flying and have been a chef now for 3 years so i have more time with my kids.
American, Asian, BBQ
Chef Matthew
Sample of my work

Sample of my work

$ 119.60 /guest    4 and more
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What would you like?

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