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Private Chef kevin Simi Valley, CA, United States

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Personal Chef # 55524

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I love food. At this point in my career, there is nothing I won't cook. My biggest satisfaction is taking a dish and making it the best you have ever eaten. I am a scientist and an artist. My food is the perfect blend of science and art!
At just 16 I knew I wanted to move into the culinary arena but I had a strong inclination towards the sciences and how life was made - Chemistry & Biology fascinated me. Little did I know that those sciences would be the foundation of most of what I learned about nutrition during my years at university and moving forward as I expanded my ability to cook for clients with different dietary restrictions and health conditions. I attained my culinary degree and became certified in food sciences at my university in London. I began working in hotels and restaurants after college honing my skills and eventually was given the opportunity to move to Santa Monica where I began working in a restaurant in the Pacific Palisades. It was there I cemented my skills in Asian cuisine - sushi was a pure joy to prepare and I began my journey of understanding food history when I stumbled upon real fermented soy for the first time. Over the next few years, I began to build my knowledge of Mexican cooking and transitioned into a restaurant that I could grow in. I loved the kick and punch of the flavors. It was at this point in my career I found myself cooking for notable people such as Barak Obama, Magic Johnson, Stella McCartney, and many other high-profile clients. I began to take on work for restaurant investors and designed menus for upcoming restaurants that ranged from wine bars with small plates available to boutique pizzerias. I have worked one on one with people now for several years showing my clients how to find sustainable produce locally, where to purchase the best meat, dairy, and advise them on what foods to stay away from based on their health conditions or goals. I now provide home-raised eggs to my clients, homemade kombucha, organic bone broths, and even fermented sourdough bread made fresh in my kitchen. I first and foremost aim to create meals that excite people, meals that really give you more than you bargained for and truly nourish you.
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Chef kevin
Mediterranean Delight

Mediterranean Delight

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What would you like?

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