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Private Chef Julian Sharon, MA, United States

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Cooking style
Strong, clean flavors. I like to cook using flavors from all around the world, however, if a dish is Japanese, I'm going to keep the flavors to the region, I'm not going to suddenly throw in something Mediterranean. I also love to take well known dishes, and do plays of them. Such as tomato rissoto, seared pork belly, crispy croutons, and an herb salad in truffle vinaigrette. That would be a riff on a blt. All the flavors are traditional, but it has been taken from a sand which to a plated dish.
I have worked in several restaurants. Most notably as the sous chef at Eli's restaurant on block island. A place with upscale food in a more casual setting. There I created half the menu, which changed every 5 weeks. We would make whatever inspired us.
American, Asian
Chef Julian
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What would you like?

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