Private Chef Julia Sebastopol, CA, United States

Vegan, vegetarian, locavore and raw food enthusiast!

Personal Chef # 25393

Cooking style
I use only quality ingredients and fold my love and energy into all I create. Vegan Vegetarian Raw Pescatarian Low Carb Keto FodMaps Sattvic
Locally sourced organic raw, vegan and vegetarian cuisine & healthy organic plant-based skincare. Chef Julia is a raw/vegan/vegetarian professional chef and licensed nutritionists, taking an individualized approach to food preparation. Her clients experience immediate, positive and transformative effects of her lovingly designed plant-based wholesome meals. Her embodied principles are uncomplicated and manifested with power: ~ Vegan, Vegetarian & Raw Food promote a healthy lifestyle ~ Chef Julia Michelle personifies healthy vibrancy in her life and shares this vitality though her truly inspiring “rawsome” dishes. In bringing her magic and meditation to culinary creations—dynamic flavors, epicurean colors and a farm-fresh fare—She is considered by many to be a “Food Alchemist.”
Vegan, Vegetarian
Chef Julia
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What would you like?

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