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Private Chef Cameron Santa Cruz, CA, United States

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Personal Chef # 11588

Cooking style
I've had so many chefs influence me that it is hard to describe one style, so I created my own called roots cuisine, I focus on the underlying commonalities between all cuisine across the world. Not fusion, but a very distinct food on it's own, dishes like lagana are the original pastas (called itrium in Latin) but we're actually alkaline noodles closer in recipe to ramen then lasagna! And did you know fish sauce was originally European? Believed to be Greek or Iberian, the juice was called garum and adopted by the traders going east, whose stops would have ended in east Asia. My cuisine is a journey through food history.
I've been a chef in this city for a long time. Never did culinary school though, no, after graduating from mission HS Isis the army thing, came back and tried firefighting like my dad, then decided to follow my passion as a chef, starting as a dishwasher and now having been everything all the way up to executive chef.
American, Asian, Europe, Italian, Latin, Molecular
Chef Cameron
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Forgotten Flavors

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