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Private Chef Sean Santa Clarita, CA, United States

The Chef LOTS of folks have seen but FEW know how to contact

Personal Chef # 21368

Cooking style
Good, homey and healthy food done right, with great beginning come awesome results and an amazing food experience. Pizza is my PASSION! If you’ve got a pizza oven which sits unused as MOST do, I can teach you how to not just prepare award winning pies but amazing roasted meals in your wood or gas fired pizza oven.
25 years of experience working in the culinary industry. I worked for Peter Nygard as a Personal Chef, helped design kitchens for his Times Square and Bahamas places, planned fashion shows, parties, personal commercial airlines and family events at multiple venues. I also worked as a Personal Chef for Russel G Weiner, owner of Rockstar Energy Drinks, managed multiple residences, designed kitchens, managed staff in homes, on plane and yacht. Dealt with vendors, contractors and upgrading of homes to modern smart functionality.
American, BBQ, Caribbean, Decadent, Health, Middle Eastern
Chef Sean
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What would you like?

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