Private Chef Melissa Santa Barbara, CA, United States

The Seasonal - Nutrition Focused - Innovative Chef

Personal Chef # 24309

Cooking style
Healthy, innovative, seasonal, ethnic influences, well-rounded, balanced, artistic, beautifully plated, food as medicine. I give cooking classes. I specialize in plant-based food, but cook everything. I adore showcasing the bounty of California.
I provide the most well-rounded experience for my clients. From the most incredible, locally sourced, just picked ingredients, to the table setting, to my smile, I make sure my clients get to indulge in the most creative, healthy food possible while relaxing in their own home. I absolutely adore what I do and I know that comes through in my food.
American, Asian, BBQ, Health, Vegan, Vegetarian
Chef Melissa
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What would you like?

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World Class Cuisine and Experience
I've had the opportunity to use Melissa as a chef for multiple parties and the experience has always been world class. Unique flavors all cooked healthy and guests begging for more. Highly recommend!
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