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Private Chef Kellan San Francisco, CA, United States

California Comfort meets High End Service

Personal Chef # 20959

Cooking style
Kellan’s approach to food is naturally influenced by his native California background, world travels, and Japanese heritage. His palate is bright, fresh, tasty and (as one diner said) “makes you want to go back for seconds and thirds.” Kellan prides himself on his skill with meats and weighty proteins and he completes the plate with delicious salads, slaws, and approachably adventurous flavor combinations. He will never shy away from bacon.
After eight years in the kitchen and many extraordinary events, Kellan has become more than a chef, he’s cooking up experiences. He is the founder and owner of his own catering company. From small intimate dinner parties, cooking lessons, and family meals to large corporate barbecues, beer dinners, and holiday soirées, he has it covered. Kellan and his crew are not just cooks and servers, they’re hosts, cocktail gurus, and burgeoning sommeliers. With a focus always on the food, Kellan’s crew also pays great attention to hosting, vibe, comfort and the vision of the host. Everyone must walk out with a smile, full belly, and sometimes a nice buzz.
American, Asian, Fusion, Italian, Japanese, Mediterranean
Chef Kellan
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What would you like?

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