Private Chef Kirsten San Diego, CA, United States

Seasonally Inspired Creative Chef!

Personal Chef # 21897

Cooking style
Locally sourced, seasonally inspired, creative and often ethnically influenced (Thai, French, Indian, Japanese, Italian, Mediterranean, South American). I can teach classes, offer wine/beer and spirit pairing with coursed meals, offer event planning and themed events.
I have over 17 years of professional experience working in the culinary industry. I've worked as a private chef and caterer in California, Maryland, France, Spain and New York. Each experience will be created to suit your individual needs and those of your guests. Be it an elegant gourmet dining experience with courses and wine pairing or a comfort food family style feast. I have experience in many types of cuisine and am happy to accommodate any and all dietary parameters. Although my cooking style lends itself towards a more health sustaining and spa inspired approach with an emphasis on locally sourced ingredients, I equally enjoy drawing from my international cooking experiences to create meals that bring people together to enjoy a more decadent foodie experience.
African, American, Asian, Mediterranean, Mexican, Soul/Southern
Chef Kirsten
What would you like?

What would you like?

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