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I have found that the best way to guarantee quality, is to grow your own herbs, micro greens and vegetables. I strive to be environmentally responsible and feel that as more organizations become self sustainable making it the standard our guests seek out. At the hotel in Gainesville we grew our own herbs, vegetables and sourced local organic produce. We partnered our branding with Laughing Chicken Farm in Central Florida to offer the hotel grass feed beef and pork. Even at home I grow my herbs and vegetables for my family (my wife and two little girls). From my experience I know that great hospitality is only achieved by being a great host. The attention to detail you put in, is the most important aspect of being a great chef. We are in this industry to offer an unforgettable experience for our guest. The only way one can achieve this is with your heart, and your passion for creating perfect memories.
Chef Daniel will work closely with you to design a meal plan that's delicious, exciting, and nutritious. Chef services are also available for cooking lessons and classes, as well as catering for family reunions, small get togethers, receptions or large scale events. The chef offers prepared meals for delivery to your home, business or gathering. We take care of the sourcing, preparation and leave you the enjoyment of knowing your family meals were prepared with care, love and a chef's touch. Weekly Meal Plans : Chef Inspirations and Market Harvested ingredients, instructions and packaging is all included in price. A delivery fee may be added depending on delivery location distance.
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Chef Daniel
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What would you like?

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