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Private Chef Blair Richmond, VA, United States

My passion makes your party.

Personal Chef # 15654

Cooking style
I have experience in many different cooking styles. I love Latin, Italian, and Asian cuisine the most. I like to experiment with fusion of different styles as well. Every time you eat something I've prepared, my aim is to take your mouth on a journey around the world to the regions that inspired your fare.
I have been cooking since I was a child with my parents. I have been a professional in the industry for going on 13 years. I am from Richmond, Virginia and have lived here most of my life. The Richmond culinary scene has made leaps and bounds in recent years and now we have some of the best restaurants in the region and even the country. I have worked at many restaurants in the area, including The Boathouse, Portico, Perly's, The Continental Westhampton, Toast, Estilo, The Canal Bistro @ Off The Hookah, JJ's Grille, Popkin Tavern, and the Bluepoint Fish Club. I have worked with Johnny Giavos, Ian Kinker, Ed Blase, Craig Smith, and many other extremely talented individuals
American, Asian, Fusion, Italian, Latin, Vegetarian
Chef Blair
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What would you like?

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