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Private Chef Jeremiah Raytown, MO, United States

Passion for ingredients

Personal Chef # 8346

Cooking style
I am passionate about ingredients and where they come from. I love the farm to table aspect of cooking as well as the ability to forage for unique ingredients indiginouse to my home of Missouri. We have so many wild edibles and I like to join them together with American, French, German, Scandinavian and even Italian influences. Think comfort food from around the world but with a health conscious twist.
I have worked as a cook and Chef in many different hotels and restaurants here in kansas City. While doing so I have honed management skills in the restaurant business as well as knowledge and love for food, ingredients and the ability to feed people inspiring and delectable meals. I have work as sous Chef for two of the #1 hotels in Kansas city as well as many different restaurants. I have gained a lot of experience and knowledge and know now that great ingredients make for amazing food and healthy happy people and living.
American, BBQ, French, Fusion, Health, Italian
Chef Jeremiah
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What would you like?

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