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Private Chef Shani Raleigh, NC, United States

Chef Shani

Personal Chef # 13614

Cooking style
American Asian Caribbean fusion
Allison’s cooking career started more than ten years ago, soon after she was introduce to the business she knew this would be more than just career but a passion. Ever since Allison have dedicated herself to learning new technology, she has experiment with new flavors and came up with healthy and delicious recipes, while learning the never ending possibility of culinary adversities. Her dedication and Continuing research allows Allison to pride herself on creating delicious, and colorfully food that would arouse anyone taste bubs. Allison truly enjoys cooking a variety of international food, you can taste her passion and dedication in her food. What your tasting is more than just a combination of ingredients put together on a plate but a work of Art.
Asian, Caribbean, Fusion, Health, Vegetarian
Chef Shani
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What would you like?

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