Private Chef Andre Portsmouth, NH, United States

Seafood chef with a true passion for all senses all foods and to cure all cravings

Personal Chef # 15587

Cooking style
My cooking style is anything that can push me to be better anything that can comfort anyone I am cooking for..
Been in a kitchen since I was small watching my grandmother who was Japanese sitting as a child taking in all the cool new things I saw smelt tasted and tried brought me to push my self moving from resturants in nh to mass to Maine where I currently am a chef at the nonantum resort I have traveled the world I have tried everything you can think of I have seen and indulged in all I could and I have pushed my self to not only be the best but to push people's imaginations and thoughts and bring them to a place of joy they had not thought they would experience.
American, Asian
Chef Andre
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What would you like?

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