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Private Chef Andre Portsmouth, NH, United States

Anyone can say anything but I bet what I cook for you will not be forgotten New England chef!

Personal Chef # 15587

Cooking style
my style of cooking is classically trained Japanese chef. Who then went to classically French chef and so on and so on lol no but really farm fresh local organic, grass fed grass finished and as non processed as can be. Perfectionist but also artist.
to sum up my experience I am a New England chef I have worked in some amazing places high end resorts in Kennebunkport high end restaurants in Portland, Boston, Va, Ireland and ny. I have cooked for one president a handful of celebrities and some other very special people! Growing up I caught my self sitting on my grandmothers counter watching her cook not quite understanding the amazing Japanese food she made but indulging in the new sense tastes looks smells and wanting to always recreate and change out things to make them more appealing to my friends. I then started to dish wash like most chefs in progress I travel, tasted, try and experience anything and everything I could from nh to Belfast and then to England and off to Anguilla. I have really experienced so much, perfected visually appealing food that takes your sense of smell and curiosity to a new level with attention to detail to the highest regard, my care for the products I use and knowing what the animals I use consumed. Knowing what is in the items That I cook with and how pure and cared for every item I put out is. I joined this app becuase I left the food world in 2019 to do finance for a car dealer group and in 2021 I took a job working for a local non profit helping family’s and young children/adults. Cooking has taken a huge role in this new endeavor and the love passion care that these young people have shown me and the desire to want to learn want to cook and want to create ideas on a plate has blown me away I have had such a successful time with my passion and also helping them with personal creativity help and a way to get past some tuff times. What I make here on this site will go directly back to this program and these amazing young adults.
American, Asian, BBQ, Caribbean, Chinese, Eastern Europe
Chef Andre
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Night out on the town

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The romantic night in

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What would you like?

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