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Private Chef Kara Port Charlotte, FL, United States

Creativity and innovation is the key

Personal Chef # 19022

Cooking style
Creative and out of the box,.
My first and best attribute is my creativity and innovation as a chef. Eclectic, modern with a twist and fierce drive and ambition. I'm very passionate about my careers because I am a true artist at heart. If I can't create, what else is there to do? I love working with fine foods, all cuisines and always am willing to try! Traveling throughout my life has exposed me to many different ways of life and cuisine and I feel this has helped me immensely with my career. As a child, I was always in the kitchen with my grandmother, watching her bake and make all sorts of amazing dishes. As I grew a little older, I found myself in the kitchen trying all sorts of things on my own, now realizing I was teaching myself flavor profiling. Four years ago, while still in school, I started as a dishwasher and have come a long way with a lot of hard work. I've had several great opportunities to learn from some very talented chefs, leading me to where I am today.
American, Decadent, Europe, Fusion
Chef Kara
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What would you like?

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