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Private Chef Vincent Pittsburgh, PA, United States

Talented, ambitious and ready to fill your plate.

Personal Chef # 9582

Cooking style
I specialize with meat dishes, but not just steaks, roasts and braised items but also charcuterie, smoked and cured meats. This blends well with my Italian American background. I also specialize in hand made pastas and the use of great cheese in dishes. I excel in American bbq and smoked dishes. I blend well with Mediterranean dishes, North African, Indian and Latin cuisine. I am also able to provide meals with forged items from the seasonal south western Pennsylvania woods including ramps, morells, chantrels, oyster mushrooms and wild game. I also know my way around a wide variety of vegan dishes across the styles familiar to me.
I am a butcher chef and cheesemonger by trade. I've worked on local farms processing live stock. I know meat from top to bottom,. I'm great at sourcing local high quality meat including grass fed and organic. I have also worked at American grill style restaurants, fine dining steak restaurants, Italian American bistros and small gourmet pizza shops. I've been cooking for 13 years. I have great relationships with the local gourmet cheese providers and farms.
American, BBQ
Chef Vincent
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What would you like?

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